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A Poi Odyssey: Six Months in Southeast Asia

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In November 2015, I quit my corporate job in Los Angeles and boarded a one-way flight to Bangkok. I returned to California on May 11th, 2016, six months to the day later. If there’s a way to concisely express the sum total of the thoughts and emotions related to those six months, it has so far eluded me. I’ll keep …

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What I Learned from 10 Days of Silent Meditation

In Southeast Asia by Daniel S. Johnson6 Comments

Hot pain coursed through my hips and knees as I sat cross-legged in the stuffy meditation hall. A blanket of silence covered the room, broken only by the occasional sneeze or errant belch from one of the 150 participants within. I strained my ears for a different noise: the low growl of recorded chanting that would herald the end of …

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Why I Recently Changed my Opinion on Fate

In Southeast Asia by Daniel S. Johnson4 Comments

I sat on the tall curb in front of the 7-11 and stared down at what I’d written. The pocket-sized Moleskine notebook lay open in my hands, bathed in the soft green-yellow glow of the store’s neon sign. Motorbikes and taxis hummed by every few seconds on the street in front of me. Their headlights reflected off the fresh black …

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How I Almost Missed an Unreal Experience Because of False Assumptions

In Southeast Asia by Daniel S. Johnson8 Comments

“So, you’re gonna film this one, right?” Jess smiled back at me as she readied her camera. “Duh.” I looked to Daniela and Merijn on her right, and they grinned back encouragingly. I nodded, turned and approached the backstage stairs to make some final preparations. My mind was surprisingly tranquil as I stared down at the two glowing orbs in …